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Most lenders like banks or insurances have many requirements or, to be more specific, establish them for companies or individuals and tend to be a bit too much, which makes it difficult to access a real estate loan or other credits. Therefore, here is a piece of advice: if you want to access your funds or loans for either commercial or residential use and even more, real estate investments, you will have to find the right lender that does not have unreasonable terms and conditions whenever you request a loan.

At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West, we have many virtues but the main and first one we can mention is that we care about our borrowers. We are not interested in a situation where you only win for the funds but the rest of the factors are definitely not all right. Instead, we aim for a win-win situation to guarantee you are able to obtain the best terms whenever you request and access a loan from us.

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This sounds a bit weird since you must be used to banks and insurances, which are not really interested in building a relationship with the borrower, and even if you have not requested a loan with them, you must have heard about how they work and 90% of the time, the stories are true. With this in mind, are we actually the best lenders you can find in Key West and all over Monroe County? We know there are great competitors and other lenders available, which is why we will tell you that you have great alternatives.

However, our terms, conditions, requirements, and more importantly, loans available for commercial and residential purposes, are much better compared to other lenders since we care about your projects and needs, not only in providing the funds randomly and for only a few needs. You can access loans that will help you to acquire properties as real estate investors. Actually, we help many professionals in this field to access the money for their next investment. But if you are a company or individual interested in loans for other purposes and uses, we can also provide them. Just make sure to evaluate your needs and have a great picture of your projects and for what you will use the funds.

The most common mistake from borrowers and individuals overall is that they have a general idea of what they will do with the funds. After all, acquiring real estate is quite straightforward, but do you have any other plans or know if the property you are considering is worth the loan? Or if the use you will give the loan is worth it? In the case of real estate and acquiring properties, remember that collateral is crucial and the property you buy with the funds will end up being the collateral for the loan.

For other loans that are not destined for properties or constructions of one, you will face other questions and factors to determine. However, we can also help you with this process. We will not leave you alone if you are having a hard time trying to figure out the best option. instead, we will do our best to ensure you are going for the right loan and negotiate with you the terms.

When do you need a loan?

The situations when you will find yourself needing a loan are many. Wanting to buy a new property or investing in real estate are the most common ones but not the only ones. Maintaining your business, improving cash flow, renovating spaces, finally having your own office, starting new construction, and so on. We believe there are unlimited situations and therefore, we might not be able to offer you every loan and solution for all of them. However, we are confident about having the main ones available.

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Now, following the main question, you usually need a loan when there are not enough funds to finance your projects or acquire a new property. This applies to either businesses or individuals interested in any of this. Overall, don’t you need money when you are short in capital and funds? As we already mentioned, many situations can take place and all of them are based on different needs and for what you must use the money. When taking this to the loans and how we help you, you are more limited but to make it clear, you do not usually access a loan to pay for a haircut or such things. However, let’s suppose you are a real estate investor trying to acquire a new property you just saw but there are many competitors for it. A traditional and usual loan can take days if not weeks and therefore, you will end up losing the opportunity.

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A loan will be 100% required if you cannot pay for the property alone or will end up with not enough money later on for renovations or projects you have for it. If this is the case, we can offer you a loan that is focused on providing the funds right away and based on using the property or real estate as collateral. With this in mind, it is not only about knowing when you need a loan but also knowing what loan you need.

How to choose your loan

If you are uncertain about the credit you need, we already mentioned our team at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West can help you with it. However, it is important to know the basics and know where to start on your own. The essential and simple part is to just focus on what you will do. If you want to acquire a new residential property, you can use private money loans that are just as traditional credits but with better terms, or maybe an owner-occupied loan if you are planning to live in the property for a year at least. What happens with a construction project? A construction loan is just natural to be needed and usually works better than usually funds and credits based on giving you all the money for the project at hand.

With this in mind, the rest of your projects and purposes follow a similar trail of ideas and loans. In our company, we have included credit options that focus on real estate, construction, cash flow, and other expenses involved with the maintenance of a business or acquiring specific residential properties. Once you have made the decision alone or with the assistance of our professionals, you can start choosing the most suitable loan based on it or if we have the specific option available:

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Commercial Mortgage Loan-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West
Commercial real estate loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West
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Owner-occupied loans.

For people trying to acquire a property to live in it or use it as a residence after trips or travels, this makes the owner-occupants and brings more benefits when it comes to establishing the terms and conditions of the loan. However, you have to guarantee that you will use the property as a residential property for yourself or at least a year and will not rent it either.

Office building loans.

For companies and businesses that need to own their buildings and offices, we can provide a specific loan for this goal. You can stop paying rent and, instead, start the repayment of a loan that is usually a smaller amount per month and finally offers you the option to have a space of your own and to expand your business.

Medical office building loans.

If you are a medical business or company, stop paying rent and start acquiring an office building where you have enough room, can include more services, and opens more doors for your medical business. Just make sure to let us know your company is in this field and your goal is to acquire an office building for it. This will give you access to more benefits as long as you can prove yourself as well.

Medical office loans.

More independent people and new doctors or anyone in the medical field interested in a new office, our short-term loans are perfect, and we even have options that are long-term. We will help you to finance a new office for your services and start practicing your profession, or help you renovate an existing one.

Hotel loans.

Any expense you have in your hotel or even if you are considering the acquisition of one can be financed by our company. We will not give the total amount of money required, but we have great options to help with a great part of it. In this way, you will have more freedom and be able to start more projects in it as well.

Operating lines of credit.

Credit cards are quite useful, but what happens when you need your funds for transferences or other expenses when one cannot be used? Operating lines of credit are a great option for this since you get a similar system, but you can access the limited amount of funds anytime and repay them with an interest rate established and fixed. The difference? You get the money in your bank account.

Machinery and equipment loans.

For equipment and any type of machinery, you can request small or large amounts of money for the necessity. We will do our best to finance the purchase based on your creditworthiness but also the collateral.

How to qualify for a 2 million dollar loan.

Since this is a large amount of money, there are more requirements than usual even with us, private lenders. We will look at your financial records, credit score, and collateral, but also include other factors that will show your situation and if we can trust you for repayment. This loan is available for companies and individuals, but the terms and conditions change depending on who is requesting it along with the requirements.

$1 million dollar unsecured loans.

When needing to access this amount of money but without collateral, you can rely on your creditworthiness alone but for it, an excellent credit score is required. No exceptions.

Million-dollar business loans.

Companies and businesses that need more funds up to a million-dollar can contact us for this option without relying on credit scores only. Instead, we consider the aspects and factors that are usually omitted during the previous loan option.

Commercial mortgage brokers.

You can get to know many lenders that offer commercial loans for all types of companies and businesses. However, having more options will allow you to choose a lender that suits your needs and the type of company the most. The hundreds of alternatives we introduce you to are just as reliable as us and the option you have when we are unable to cover your needs.

Commercial lenders.

A few individuals and private lenders are accessible only by recommendations. We will include you on the list of borrowers who offer their services based on how you prove to us your worth just as if you were requesting a loan. However, keep in mind this service is only for companies and businesses.

C&I loans.

We will help you to finance new projects, business expenses, maintain your operations, and more, thanks to the funds provided through these loans, which can be accessed or requested by both small and large companies or industries.

Commercial and industrial loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West
Industrial loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West
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Where to find our services

If you are located in Key West or any other city in Monroe County, you will not have to worry about how to rely on us. We are not lenders that are limited to one location only and instead of helping companies and individuals in Key West only, we are able to offer our services throughout the county. We want to be the best option when it comes to loans and for real estate investors, we already are since they are able to invest in large properties or access funds in a matter of hours or a few days for their next investment. When it comes to companies and individuals more interested in other projects and with different needs, we are confident about the options we offer for them.

After all, we have worked hard to guarantee that the loans satisfy the specific reasons they were included for. If you need a construction loan, expect our team to offer the right funds for it and the worth of your collateral and future acquisitions or properties will be determined by our team but following a fair and reasonable standard. Keep in mind we are interested in you as a person or business, not only as a borrower since we know how important you are. Unlike other lenders, we want to create a relationship with you that is not super close but enough to build trust and for you to rely on us without hesitation.

How to request loans or information

Our contact form is open regardless of your specific location in the city and county—but we would appreciate it if you mention it when sending a message—. Consider the form as a way to ask all your questions, clear your doubts, and even receive the requirements for a specific loan if they are not clear. More information is usually available on the rest of our pages: service and location ones. However, you are welcome to request it and our team will get back to you via email within the next 24 hours. Calls and visits are possible as well, but for the latest, consider the current situation with the pandemic.

Finally, if you already have all the requirements and know you meet the ones for the loan you want and need, use the same way to contact us to request the credit. When you provide all the information we want right away, the process is quite fast and you get the funds in a matter of hours or days—but not 10 days, rather 1 to 4 days. At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West, we are happy to be the solution to your money needs and issues despite being debts you will have to repay, but since we think about you, you are not going to be pressured for the terms and conditions on the contract.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.