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If you’re seeking a lender to provide you with private money loans, you have reached the right place. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West have the best and most desirable services and experts who can make any deal possible. Private money loans are no doubt risky but can come as a great help in unusual situations. 


What is private money?

Private money can be considered funds provided by an individual or organization invested to any real estate entrepreneur for a return on the amount invested. The loan is issued by a private company or any wealthy individual.

The organization which lends the money is known as a private money lender. At our organization, we take money from private investors to provide loans to real estate entrepreneurs. These loans are efficient for long-term and short-term loans. 

How can private money loans be regulated?

For proper regulation of private money loans, the lenders must follow federal and state usury laws, and they can be subjected to banking resolutions as well. But not all the regular laws apply to private lenders and the loans offered by them.

There’s a limit to the number of loans that can be lent to investors. These demands are required when obtaining loans from a bank. Most private money investors do not require such a license. With less regulation, the borrower offers more freedom to use the loan for ideal purposes.

What are the risks involved with private money?

There are risks involved for borrowers and lenders of private money:

  • It is sometimes possible that you may not be able to recognize the lender and have no knowledge about the money offered. But when you work with us, this matter can be completely resolved. 
  • If you use the money for moving into a rental space and the loan falls apart, you may land yourself in big trouble. But you needn’t worry as we are there for you to help you in any trouble, and we definitely work with trusted lenders.

Why choose us?

Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West provides fast and reliable loans in the region. There are several reasons for you to choose us as your private money loans consultant:

  • Faster availability of loans: As compared to banks, you can get loans qualified faster and comparatively simpler. Loans from banks take time and require a lot of formalities to fulfill.
  • We will complete the project holistically: We can fix up the issues you face and make your application a stronger and fascinating option for the lenders.
  • A huge number of services: There is a huge diversity in the number of loans we can help you with. Hence, you can contact us, and we will make sure that your specific demands are met. 
  • Skilled experts: It is all in the hands of the professionals to provide you with efficient deals. The workers here are completely involved in the organization work here full time, hence putting their entire strength to make the customers happy and satisfied.

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