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Every business should be able to adapt to change in times of uneven cash flow. When you and your business need access to cash, funding is the option. And this is where operating lines of credit come into the picture. But it is difficult to borrow money from banks as the process is very time-consuming and too much documentation is needed.

However, if you are searching for a private lender for funds then, you are in the right place. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West will assist you in finding a suitable lender who fulfills your needs. Our private lenders will offer you money without asking for too much documentation and that too at a low-interest rate.


What are Operating lines of credit?

Operating lines of credit are meant for short-term borrowing needs like a seasonal business. In these businesses, cash flow is seasonal and has cash only in the working season. For flexible repaying, borrowed funds, operating lines of credit can be the best solution.

Who benefits from operating lines of credit?

Industries, where seasonality is the factor for the availability of cash, are given below:

  • Construction companies: They work in the summer season and have a workload more as compared to other seasons of the year. It means they make more money in summer as compared to the winter season. They can use funds from the operating lines of credit in the off-season and pay their workers without delay.
  • Landscaping & Outdoor recreation: outdoor activities are dependent on the season and only bring revenue in the favorable season. Many more professions that depend on the seasons can take advantage of operating lines of credit.

What are the benefits of Operating lines of credit from private lenders?

  • Competitive prices for every type of business that may be seasonal or with ongoing business needs.
  • Funding is available instantly whenever needs arise. There’s no need to apply for another type of funds.
  • The terms can be unique according to customers’ choices so that they do face any problems in the future.
  • You have to pay interest only on the amount that you withdraw.
  • Credit sweep: when you need excess funds to your operating lines of credit then, they can be transferred to your account according to your requirements. 
  • Revolving credit: When the principal amount of the credit loan is paid, more funds are available for use again in the future.
  • Approval of your loan application is quick as compared to traditional banks.
  • There is no need for too much documentation as needed by banks or other traditional institutes.

What are the risks of operating lines of credit?

When you withdraw money from these lines of credit then, interest will be applied to the withdrawal amount. So, it is advisable to use money in a time of emergency only. When you use these funds in this way then, you can pay off your principal amount without facing difficulties.

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