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Making sure that your company has enough capital, can start new projects, or maybe you are just trying to acquire a new property where you can start living, will all be great challenges due to the difficulties in accessing real estate loans and many other types of credits. The main difficulty lies in the lenders you rely on and if they are truly who you need when it comes to the terms and conditions they establish for the loan you request. After all, you must be careful about the conditions, not the money itself.

Our role at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West is to be the lenders you need and allow you to have no fear when needing to request a credit for any residential or commercial project you have, be it real estate or maybe other expenses.

CRE Loan Pros of Key West Services

And for this, we have made sure to include several services for any individual and company in the city but also, throughout Monroe County:

  • Private money loans: We offer the traditional loans you know but with better terms, lower interest rates, longer terms for repayment, and you can access the funds right after the approval.
  • Private funding loans: Your cash flow needs and accessing bankroll operations can be possible thanks to our funding loans.
  • Commercial mortgage loans: Our loans for commercial properties—at least, these ones—are fully amortized and you have long periods of time for repayment. This allows you to acquire a new commercial property.
  • Commercial real estate loans: We do not cover all the cost of the property, but you obtain other benefits in exchange when compared to the previous loan alternative
  • Hard money loans: Our focus lies on the collateral you offer instead of other requirements like your credit score. However, these loans are only for short-terms and real estate acquisitions.
  • Construction loans: We cover all the expenses or a great percentage of the total cost of the construction but only provide the funds based on each phase of the project.
  • Multi-family loans: Any property with 2 units or more is considered a multifamily one and we can help you to acquire it by providing funds.
  • Owner-occupied loans: We can offer better conditions and terms for individuals that will purchase a new residential property with the funds of the loan but live, at least, a year in it without renting it to someone else.
  • Office building loans: Our loans are accessible for any business or company wanting to acquire a new building to be used as offices.
  • Medical office building loans: Starting at $500,000, you can access them to acquire a new building where you will have enough space and rooms for your medical services and avoid renting another space when you could cover other expenses.
  • Medical office loans: New doctors, individuals interested in being independent, or other professionals in the medical field, can contact us to access funds to have their own offices.
  • Hotel loans: Any project or expense you have in your hotel can be mostly covered by the loans we offer you, this includes the acquisition of a commercial property that works as a hotel.
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  • Operating lines of credit: More than a loan, this works like a credit card but you have access to funds directly in your bank account and only a specific amount established.
  • Machinery and equipment loans: We can help you to access new machinery or equipment for your company, or maybe a few items you need to use for personal purposes and services.
  • Condotel Financing: If you are interested in acquiring a new condo to live in it or maybe rent it, our loans can cover this project and your goal.
  • Commercial development loans: These loans are very similar to construction ones where we provide funds according to the progress of the property and the development of your commercial project.
  • Land development loans: We help you to develop the land for future projects and with the same system as the previous loan option.
  • Commercial construction loans: We finance the construction of your commercial property but the funds we can provide will be either limited or fully amortized according to the project.
  • Commercial land loans: If you need to acquire the land for your commercial projects, we will finance its acquisition with a loan.
  • Warehouse loans; You can use your inventory or saved products as collateral in order to obtain the funds for other expenses in your business.
  • Warehouse facility finance: Using your inventory as collateral is also possible when you need funds to acquire a new property or facility.
  • Industrial loans: Our loans focus on providing the funds or capital you need to maintain your industry running and cover other expenses.
  • Commercial and industrial loans: All your new projects, acquisitions, and certain expenses in your company or industry can be financed with our loans.
  • C&I loans: We have special terms and conditions—better ones—for certain companies and businesses that meet our requirements and will be able to access funds that finance more expenses and projects than the regular ones.
  • Commercial lenders: You will get to know several lenders for your business needs and projects that are just a great as us.
  • Commercial mortgage brokers: Instead of a few, we will introduce you to hundreds of lenders that have specific loans for some commercial needs and expenses.
  • Million-dollar business loan: If you have a project or need that requires this amount, we can offer you the funds but only if you meet our extra requirements due to the amount of money.
  • $1 million dollars unsecured loan: Instead of providing collateral and other requirements, access to this loan will rely on your creditworthiness, which is why an excellent credit score is a must.
  • How to qualify for a 2 million dollar loan: When it comes to requirements, we are stricter in this loan in particular due to the amount. However, you can request it either if you are a company or an individual.

You are welcome to contact us at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West anytime and rest assured that your request is very likely to be approved even if you do not meet all the requirements without issues.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.