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If you are making good progress in your business and wish to expand your work area, commercial construction financing is an option to look for. These loans are also beneficial if you want to renovate the area and rent it to another organization or give a new look to your current building.

It is an accepted fact that reputation and name take years to build, and by proper look, you can definitely create a strong impact. There are many situations in which expansion of the business solves the issues of financial crisis or takes the business to the next level. Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West can aid you in getting the best loans in the region. We have links with the best private lenders who can offer commercial construction financing in no time.

Commercial construction financing-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Key West

What is commercial construction financing?

In this financing, the amount is used to pay for the cost which is associated with the renovation or construction of some commercial building. The funds from these loans can be used to pay for the materials for construction and labor. You can also purchase a property and then renovate it using these loans. 

Why take commercial construction financing?

It is known that new construction or any kind of renovation is quite expensive. It can take hundreds or thousands of dollars. Businesses generally do not have such a huge amount of money in hand, so these loans can be taken. The funds are provided in the entire process of financing. 

How do commercial construction loans work?

These loans are different from other loans. In general, the loans are structured so that the borrower receives the entire sum as a lump sum. Once the loan is received, the borrower will pay back the amount through scheduled payments over a set period of time. For example, in the case of commercial mortgages, the monthly repayment schedule is over ten years or longer.

But in the case of commercial construction financing, the full amount of the loan is not received. The borrower usually works with the lender to create a draw schedule. It means that a smaller amount of money will be released as the project hits a new milestone. As the milestones get completed, the lender will inspect that by hiring an officer to make sure that work is completed before releasing the next draw.

This will keep on going till all the milestones have been completed fully and the full amount of the loan has been distributed. In these loans, you will pay interest on that specific amount of money that you will receive. 

Interest rates

For these types of loans, the interest rates are expected to fall within the range of 4% to 12%. The borrower who has the best credit score will have the least interest rates. 

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